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At this time the video “Miss New Year” production “Naturist Freedom” about how young nudists decided to celebrate New Year in a close-knit team. As scheduled – all participants of the meeting bare – without any clothes. While going all the guests – girls nudists arrange naked dancing.

Immediately prior to the meeting itself NG – naturist organize a beauty contest among themselves. In a beauty contest win three participants.

How was the contest “Miss New Year” and how to choose the most beautiful nudists – look in the film “Naturist Freedom – Miss New Year”.

We advise to download free movie about nudist “Naturist Freedom – Miss New Year”.

For reference – the comment of a psychiatrist on a nudist (Alexander Litvinov, PhD):
The title of his bestselling book well-known American psychologist Eric Berne put the phrase “What do you say after you say ‘Hello’?” Us, psychiatrists are interested first of all that person wants to express or conceal, behaving not as we taught “family and school.”
What causes people to be nudists? In most cases, nudists justify their exposure so that they are more comfortable to rest so that the bathing suit does not benefit – neither warm nor protects from water. Feeling wet swimming trunks on the body for nudist – practically torture. In some cases, stripping can be a personality disorder, which we call “narcissistic” and the need for an easy, fun, innocent nudism in a narrow range of adults. The range of reasons for exposure is wide enough.
If a person feels compulsive need to show their “intimate details” while experiencing a strong guilt and shame need to go to a therapist.
Come and treat such needs with humor, but at the same time and with responsibility towards society and above all – the youngest part of it.

It is important that the results of some anonymous research in nudism is becoming clear that the vast majority of nudists strip just because they like the physical freedom from clothing. That is the main role in the desire to nude recreation is the physical comfort of the person, not a desire to show himself to play on the nerves or something else!

Genre: nudists / naturists. Nudism / naturism.
Manufacturing: Naturist Freedom
Originatnoe name: Miss New Year
Format: avi
Resolution: 720×480
Length: 00:55:53
Movie size: 1.21 1.03 GB

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