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“Bare Oaks” – Family Naturalist Park [Nude foto & video nudism]

“Bare Oaks” – Family Naturalist Park [Nude foto & video nudism]

Few people know that in 30 minutes from Toronto (Canada) , you can safely walk naked and no one will be surprised this . Warning sign , as it should , warns that in the precincts Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park inhabited by naked people .
Bare Oaks Family Naturalist Park – a family camp with the only difference – the lack of clothing on its inhabitants. But nudity – this is just one striking feature . In fact, several of them more than we can see with our eyes . Inhabitants of the “naked ” territory – the adherents of naturism . Maximum fusion with nature and harmonious coexistence – that is their true goal . Naturists give a clear distinction between himself and nudists , as the second have no philosophy.
In his community naturists call everyone. It naturism , in their opinion , will help mankind to live in hormones , learn to communicate, to respect themselves and others.

The archive contains 29 pictures (medium resolution – 990h659 ) and 2 video file about this park

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